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That’s For Sure Sure

Whatever LA based Sure Sure has, you’re surely surely about to get… because this track is contagious af.

In all honesty, I don’t find myself listening to much Rock music (in any shape or form) yet since I first found their new single, “Friends,” in my inbox, I can not get enough.  I’m hoping they don’t check who their top listeners on SoundCloud are, because I am without a doubt towards the top of the list (and I may lose some street cred).

Friends” fires on all cylinders bringing brilliant Indie vibes via falsetto vocals, a classic chord progression, slamming rhythmic piano and foot tapping percussion – all supported by a heavily distorted guitar and bass.  I may not understand every word they are saying (yet), but to be fair… it makes no difference, this song is built on vibes.  The hook is anthemic, with what I assume is every member of the group wailing away with killer harmonies, “how did you forget”.

When I played for my wife she said, “it reminds me of Matt & Kim – if Kim was a bunch of other dudes.”  Not only did she mean this in the best way possible (she loves Matt & Kim) she had a point.

Friends” has an upbeat, charismatic, pumping sound, similar the the sound that made Matt & Kim such an “it” group.

All I know is Sure Sure has “it”.  Hyped to hear what’s next.

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