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The Aces Got Me Burning Up [VIDEO]

To be honest, I never heard of The Aces, but I’m happy that I was put on.  This quartet from Utah is destroying the Indie Pop scene with their signature 80’s sound.

On their new single, “Volcanic Love”, we get a chance to hear their raw power from the depths of their foxy soles. The Aces come together to sing this impassioned Rock leaning song about yearning the warmth of their significant others. Definitely a theme that we can all relate too. Shit, I’m feeling it right now.

This track has all the necessities; an upbeat tempo, 80’s drum kit, sexy guitar chords – what more could you ask for?  It’s a straight smash. With the success of the track, The Aces also released an official music video which features the lovely ladies recreating screens from their favorite iconic heart throb movies. I wouldn’t have known that without the help of the Internet, but still… it’s a tasteful video that goes perfectly with the song.

After spending the last year touring and preforming alongside other talents like Joywave and Portugal, 2018 is going to be an exciting year for the group, with their forthcoming album “When My Heart Felt Volcanic” set to drop April 6th.  Get your streaming services ready.

P.S. Burning Up & Crushing Hard

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