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The Criticals Are Bringing A New Vibe to the Nashville Rock Scene

Hailing from Nashville, Rock band The Criticals have been making some waves since officially launching earlier this year.  Formed by Parker Forbes and Cole Shugart just last year, The Criticals have already headlined local festivals like FreezeFest and Spudbash while also bringing their energetic live show on the road to markets like LA, San Diego and Chattanooga.  With a number of well received singles under their belt, the group is now hard at work finalizing their debut album and are making sure to keep fans excited with their newest single, “Just for the Weekend“.

Pulling inspiration from other groups like the Rolling Stones, The Stokes and The Libertines, The Criticals represent the new Nashville Rock and Roll scene and find their stride blending Hard Rock roots and modern Pop intricacies into memorable, rocking tunes.  On, “Just for the Weekend“, dusty vocals blend with layers of guitar, slick arrangements and interesting solos to create a laid back yet grooving tune that brings just enough energy to get you moving and an undeniable vibe that will without get you hooked.  About the tune, they say, “This song is the first tune that we recorded in our new spot in Nashville, away from our studio in rural TN. The edges are softer, but somehow still incendiary. Following the story of two people in a relationship, trying to make it work, but the boundaries are too restrictive.

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