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The Curious Incident Release ‘Got Ya’

This mornings mood booster comes from UK duo The Curious Incident and their new tune, “Got Ya“.  The single serves as the second offering from their forthcoming EP, “Conjugate“, due out in January 2018.

Got Ya“, is a driving track the blurs the lines between Pop and Indie Rock.  Coming at you fast and furious the production pushes from beginning to end incorporating layer guitar, synth leads, rolling baselines, drums and other rhythmic flavors.  Adding a bit of an island/Reggae vibe into the mix adds a nice dynamic that helps to balance out the intensity in the rest of the track.

Memorable top lines shine throughout the track with the vocals sitting front and center.  The smooth vocals also help to bring a calm to the otherwise hectic tune.  When everything comes together there is an undeniable vibe that hits you and holds on.

Keep an eye on The Curious Incident and look out for their EP early next year!

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