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The Disco Fries Drop Third Album "Another World" and it is STACKED

As someone who has been in the music biz for some time now, I can say confidently that it is not often you encounter people that are able to maintain a level of consistency and professionalism like the Disco Fries. While their catalog speaks for itself, it has taken years of hard work, dedication and karma to get to where they are now. As impressive as their releases are, it is the humans behind The Disco Fries project that make them really stand out. In a world full of gate-keepers, money-grabbers, dream-crushers and bullshitters, the Disco Fries remain a shining light; always keeping it real, telling it how it is and sharing their knowledge; helping countless artists put their best foot forward and find their way. Having known the guys for some time now, even if they didn't make ABSOLUTE BANGERS, they'd still be people I'd want in my corner.

With that being said... I am not here to tell you about how much I respect and appreciate them... I am here to tell you about their NEW ALBUM. Having recently released their third full-length album, "Another World," you'd be doing yourself a major injustice not to check it out. Having put in the time building their project, network and sound over the years, it is no wonder that this latest project is absolutely STACKED. With 9 tracks that vary in vibe but all maintain the level of finesse and technicality we've grown to expect from the duo, "Another World," is yet another example of the Disco Fries ability to craft timeless tunes that designed to make you feel. Finding the perfect balance between dancefloor dominating grooves, memorable melodies and accessible, oh-so-human emotion, it doesn't matter if you throw this on shuffle or listen straight through; either way, there is not one track that will have you hitting next.

The collaborative project features a countless amount of industry heavyweights like Ferry Corsten, VASSY, Bingo Players and LODATO (to name a few) who each bring their own personal flare, collectively coming together to create an incredibly dynamic, perfectly executed album that hits from front to back.

If you listen to nothing else this weekend... do yourself a favor and give, "Another World," a spin.

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