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The Flawless Fusion of BROOKZILL! [VIDEO]

BROOKZILL! The Brooklyn/Brazilian fusion super group is back with a funky music video for, Macubma 3000, one of the fan favorites from their debut album, Throwback to the Future. The track itself brings a Brazilian and Afrocentric vibe that feels like an homage to the 80s, both sonically and stylistically. Pulling inspiration from the art of the late Rogerio Duarte, the vintage graphics look like it’s something out of a Wild Style movie poster while the set and wardrobe have clear Brazilian influences.

If you aren’t familiar with BROOKZILL! they are a cross-cultural group that consists of four members; Prince Paul (A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul), Lady Bug Mecca (Digable Planets), Rodrigo Brandao (Brazilian MC from Sao Paulo), and longtime Prince Paul collaborator and multi-instrumentalist Don Newkirk. The group finds their stride by experimenting with a plethora of interesting sounds that blend classic Hip Hop, Brazilian rhythms, and Portuguese rap.

The sweeping crescendo of horns, and consistent percussion gives this track a great pace, that feels hypnotic while the rapping and vocals, balance out the track. The song relies heavily on the low baritone voice of the word “Macumba”, which contrasts well with Lady Bug Mecca’s softer voice. Rodrigo and Lady Bug act as the perfect yin and yang to the track, as the quick and heavier Portuguese rap flow of Rodrigo blends well with Lady Bugs bars in the beginning of the joint. The beauty of BROOKZILL! is that they all bring something so different to the table, which translates to their successful sound.

BROOKZILL! is really holding it down for Brooklynites and Brazilians. Their fan base is worldwide and attracts listeners from all walks of life. Keep your ears open from more of BROOKZILL!.

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