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The Goldhearts Unveil New EP ‘Be Strong, Be Brave, Be Bold’

Recently I was introduced to Indie Rock outfit The Goldhearts as they have recently released their brand new EP, “Be Strong, Be Brave, Be Bold”.  Formed in 2015, the 4-piece group hailing from The Gold Coast in Australia have continued to build an impressive catalog since releasing their debut album, “The Rise and Fall of the Goldhearts”, in 2016.

Having initially hit me with the new EP’s lead single, “Be Brave”, the group was able to grab my attention with their clean production, Pop leaning vibes and energetic performance.  With layers of guitar and live drums setting the tone, the vocals take hold, bringing a mellow yet captivating aura to the track.  The inspirational, reassuring tune connects by incorporating raw, human emotion into the lyrics and a pumping, edgy feel in the beat.  

The new project is rounded out by another 4 tracks, including the empowering single, “Road to Roam”, which brings a more laidback, acoustic (almost folky) vibe along with it.  Finding their stride blending clean Rock elements with Pop leaning hooks, lush harmonies and a whole lot of emotion, The Goldhearts are here to use their music to help heal the world, one tune at a time.  Make sure you check out the new project and keep an eye on them into the new year. 

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