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The Ian Moore Exudes Confidence in "GODLIKE" feat. Futuristic

A nod to his late brother, The Ian Moore's new single "GODLIKE" channels inner self-confidence during a time when everyone is ready for a fresh start. An organic collaboration with popular rapper Futuristic, "GODLIKE" pairs bouncy production with high energy lyrical delivery, leaving listeners hype. The young St. Louis-based artist aims to motivate his listeners during these cold winter months.

"GODLIKE is a song about having confidence and facing the world head on. I know that

confidence can come and go, but when I wrote this song it was during a point where all the

pieces started to fall into place,” Ian says about his creative process. “I felt like I was able to

take on the entire planet and could achieve any goal I had in front of me. The song is called

what it is, because that’s exactly how I felt while creating it, Godlike." ~ The Ian Moore

And the collaboration couldn't be more seamless. The two rappers sounds great together; with Futuristic coming in on the second verse, we hear back to back lyrical prowess on a track that is sure to get listeners up out of their seats. Approaching his art as a form of therapy, The Ian Moore hopes that "GODLIKE" can serve as an outlet for all of his fans who share a similar relationship with music.

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