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The Jared Stout Band Delivers Relatable New Single "Luck"

The Jared Stout Band is a Virginia-based alt-country powerhouse. The 6 piece project delivers beloved Appalachian rhythms combined with original, soulful melodies to the southwestern stages of the state and soon, the entire nation. Back with their highly anticipated hit “Luck”, the band delivers an undeniable bop with a relatable message, all stemming from the gloomy aftermath of a bad breakup. When everything seems to be going wrong, it may feel like it's “just your luck”! An everyday phrase from the mouths of so many people, the common sentiment provides a somber juxtaposition with the cheerfully melodic energy of the music itself, offering listeners a positive take on what could have been a very negative moment in their lives. Have you ever heard of the studies done about how smiling for long enough can trick your brain into happiness? Well, when you’re having a rough day, just turn on “Luck” and chances are, The Jared Stout Band will change your bad luck into a good omen, one graceful guitar strum at a time.

“That’s luck, Sometimes it builds you up and gets me stuck / You swear you’d had enough, I’m in a rut, and I know, That you’ve been in one too / Cause luck ain’t got oh nothing to do, with you” ~ “Luck”

Set to play Virginia’s nationally-renowned Floyd Fest in 2023, The Jared Stout Band is well-positioned for the festival circuit. Delivering a dynamically unforgettable LIVE performance, their show has been coined as something that you definitely don’t want to miss. Having previously opened for notable artists like Blues Traveler, Phil Vassar, 38 Special, Cassadee Pope and Eric Paslay, their talents are praised by some of the biggest artists in Country music. Now back with a song to be applied to a vast array of life experience, their new track has a little something for everyone who is ready to turn their luck around.

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