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The Knu Black Bring a Fresh Hip-Hop Vibe

Let me start by saying I know absolutely nothing about these next artists.  The track was delivered with nothing else and a search for more info only led me to this …

Music for introverts.  Music for those who need more than music.  Music that listens.

With that being the case, let’s have the music speak for itself.  What grabbed me about the new track, “Finesse 2.0, by The Knu Black is its all around vibe.  The Hip-Hop track incorporates catchy hooks, fast fire bars, cool ass harmonies and an incredibly energetic performance.

The track which also features Ruskin and Byron Juane sees all artists attacking the track with their own style on top of a wavy and dynamic production.  At almost 5 minutes long, the song would seem too long – but it flows nicely and really keeps you hooked with the addition of new artists and sounds until the end.

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