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The Million Wants You to Dance Away Your Heartbreak With “Last Call”

A new relationship can always leave some uncertainty and self-doubt, especially in its early stages, leading to premature and unwarranted actions. The Million draws upon this feeling on their newest tune “Last Call.”

The tune makes heartbreak feel so liberating. It’s 80’s synth pop sounds and danceable groove keep you moving through your tormented feelings, while the lyrics paint a relatable story anyone can insert themselves into. Lead singer and lyricist Jacob Thomas says: 

“‘Last Call’ is a fictitious song built from genuine emotions, it was written when I was still in the early stages of dating my still current girlfriend. I thought to myself what if I really messed this good thing up? The song was started with Lucy Taylor, Chris Collins, and Jay and I in a room. Then having Dom add the final touches on the production really elevated where the song needed to be.”

Producer on the song and Nothing But Thieves founder-member Dom Craik adds:

“I wanted to take the band’s vision and expand on it. It was a challenge working out how the rhythm section in the chorus would function best. Lots of experimenting with sidechaining the bass to create room for the kick. Once this fundamental groove was set it was about matching the vocal to the same pocket as the bass. Once they were aligned the song really started to come alive.”

Indie-pop band The Million hail from Australia. Formed in 2015, Jacob Thomas (Vocalist + Guitarist) and Jay Stewart (Drummer) met in high school, and the two were forced to come together in a school band. Initially opposed to one another due to music genre taste differences, they have been musically inseparable ever since. Past members came and went before Jacob reconnected with Tamon Mashimo (bassist) at a Paramore concert after losing touch throughout their teens. A passionate fan of hip-hop and jazz, Tamon was the ultimate missing piece to the puzzle, adding another layer of musical influence and inspiration. At the start of 2021 it became official, McKinley Payne, who’s already been a touring member for 2 years, joined The Million. According to Thomas, “He’s always there. He’s always on time. He’s always providing feedback,” and so his permanent appointment was a “no brainer”. McKinley now joins Thomas, drummer Jay Stewart and bassist Tamon Mashino, as the band’s guitarist.

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