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The Moving Stills Close Out 2022 On A High Note with "Better"

Over the last several years, AUS based 4-piece, Indie-Rock outfit The Moving Stills have continuously proved their worth as one of the country’s most promising and polished acts. With a steady stream of releases and a growing, devoted fan base at foot, The Moving Stills are ready to close out their biggest year to date.

Having landed some major support on their album, “Sunshine Corner,” that dropped in January, the group stayed busy throughout 2022 touring throughout Australia while simultaneously going viral on TikTok with their cover of, “Tears of Fears”. With their sound and catalog catching on throughout the world, The Moving Stills are riding high and are closing out the year on a high note with the release of their new single, “Better.”

Their latest offering is a shimmering, driving, upbeat tune that hooks you with memorable melodies, driving production and accessible lyrics and certainly leaves you wanting more. About the release, Tommy Says, “It’s a story about seeing the good despite the challenges in a relationship.” Topically touching on something that so many can relate to and presented in a way that is perfectly executed, The Moving Stills are setting themselves up perfectly to keep the fire burning in the new year. Do yourself a favor and check this one out!

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