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The New Chappell Roan is Stunning [Video]

I am absolutely in love with this new single and video from Chappell Roan.

Heading to the big Apple in 2015, the then 16 year old from Missouri found herself auditioning for several majors, eventually landing a deal at Atlantic before even finishing her junior year in high school.

About her music Chappell says, “When I sing, I want people to feel every emotion“, and that is exactly what you get from her debut, “Good Hurt“.  The track is haunting in the best way.  Vocally, she delivers with a precision and range only seen from industry vets and people born with an unnatural gift – I believe she is of the latter.

Think of her as a teenage girl with the mystique and vision of Sia and the powerful pipes a la Lana Del Rey“, reads her bio… and they are not far off.  With the mighty Atlantic at the helm and a life of practice and passion filling her sails, Chappell Roan is without a doubt at the beginning of an epic journey across the turbulent musical seas.

As beautiful as this tune is on its own, the official video helps bring the release to a whole new level of captivating glory. 

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