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The New Underground ATL

Atlanta is continuing to take over the Hip Hop world both in the mainstream and the underground. Chakkra Tara is an Atlanta based rapper promoting motivation and sacrifice on his new song, Influence. While he is from Atlanta the song doesn’t have the classic dirty trap beat that we’re accustomed to hearing but instead is a sinister sounding 808 style beat that gives his lyrics another dimension of edge.

Chakkra Tara just dropped this larger than life, braggadocios bop about being “more than great”. In this loaded and confident sentiment, he’s in fact saying that his message and overall impact is greater than all else including his accolades. While this song is about being more than you are it’s also about the sacrifices you take to put yourself in a better position, just how Tara “gave up time and money all to plan (his) fate”. 

 This is an encouraging track that makes you want to strive to be better so naturally I would also recommend it as a workout song. My only complaint with the song is that the hook can be overused but it makes up for that fact with a superb melody and great lyrical content. Chakkra produces his own work which gives me even more respect for the guy in terms of his musical ear and talent.

He has recently dropped his 9 track self-produced album, Influence. If you liked the single I’m certain that you’ll enjoy the album. Go check it out, it’s on all streaming platforms!

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