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The Order is a Manslaughter

Apathy is a noun that I don’t get to use as often as I wish. The definition is to “have a lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern” over a particulate thing. In this case, apathy does not apply for Apathy’s new single entitled “The Order”.

Apathy, is a rapper and producer from Willimantic, Connecticut who is holding it down for the East Coast underground. Don’t let that fool you because this double threat has been grinding and linking with the biggest names in the hip hop industry. On this particular track he gets laced with a beat from the one and only DJ Premier.

This track begins with a slow dreamy intro, followed by the sampled words from an old school radio /T.V. announcer. With his modulated voice, he explains a time where the common people rebel against their all mighty God’s. This is where the God’s get offended and show the common people their true power. After these words are spoken, the beat drops, scratches and just like the God’s, the track proves its power.

The Order is a perfect example of a hip hop song done correctly. It sounds like we have a sampled loop from the string section of an orchestra, mixed with the hard kick and snare from an MPC. These two elements stay consistent with many of my favorites joints in the genre. With DJ Premier‘s tasteful scratching techniques, matched with Apathy’s creative rhyme scheme, the duo delivers an iconic song that will be appreciated by hip hop heads from East to the West.

My favorite line in this track is from the second verse, where Apathy goes “I’m a rap outcast like Big Boi’s group. (Futuristic) Do features for Bitcoin loot. Pull the pistol out ya palm like, “This toy’s cute”. Dissemble it, melt the metal and destroy you”. Goes to show the level of creativity and relevance, Apathy puts behind his bars.

Some closing words for my readers: Definitely recommend listening to The Order and adding his 6th studio album entitled The Widow’s Son to your rotation. This long-awaited  LP features the likes of M.O.P, Pharoahe Monch, Ryu and some production done by Pete Rock. Watch out for my man Apathy.

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