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The Rasmus Are Getting Set to Release ‘Dark Matters’

Finnish Alt-Rock group The Rasmus may have an Indie sound, but they have been turning heads since 1996.  Releasing a whopping 8 studio albums from 1996 through 2012, the legendary group best known for their Nordic melancholia, have raked in millions of album sales worldwide and show no sign of letting up.

After releasing their acclaimed single, “Paradise“, in March, they are back once again with, “Silver Night“, the lead single from their forthcoming album, “Dark Matters“, due out in October.  When asked about the new project, singer Lauri Ylönen explains, “The thinking behind our new songs was to create the kind of music we would like to listen to. We haven’t abandoned our signature northern melancholy but you can hear a wide range of influences in our new compositions. The new album is like a rollercoaster with many different emotions and personal feelings. Our music is at times dark, speculative, melodic and sometimes even sad”.

Looking to make a big international comeback in 2017, “Silver Night“, is accessible across borders with a bit of a Pop influence.  Think Maroon 5, but not as cheesy and with the group able to retain their dynamic without selling out.  Top notch production and catchy vocals come together to make a serious jam that I can easily hear rocking on radio. 

I think The Rasmus have found a great balance here – while they should be able to grab new fans and reach a broader audience, I believe their die hard fans will enjoy it just as much.

With an upcoming tour on the horizon, I have no doubt the Rasmus will be making a splash with their new project. 

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