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The Real Party Rockin’

In this Elctro-Funk style beat the Funk Hunters deliver with a robotic hit. The 80s inspired record would fit seamlessly in a night club scene from Tron (the 1982 version). There are clear influences of early Daft Punk in the buildup and the sampling of Party Rockin’ which is nostalgic and refreshing to hear in the era of heavy bass electronic music. The bounce of the song makes it a perfect dance track and hit that could belong on an E-Zoo stage.

The Canadian born duo of Nick Middleton and DUNKS are stirring up the electronic genre with a mastery of creating a groove. Their live performances are especially groovy and unique as they perform their songs with live acts. This provides an authenticity to their sound because it fuses Jazz with Electronic. Having live instrumentation allows a secondary musical component that no one in the electronic space can duplicate on a DJ set or computer. I like that the group is going in a different direction to what is popular nowadays which is why there is a rather large niche in the music space for them to prosper.

The Funk Hunters have toured on huge stages like Coachella, Electric Forest and Burning Man and have also toured around the world while amassing an incredibly large following. Their debut album Typecast has recently dropped. If you enjoy Funk, Electronic and even Jazz music you should really check them out.

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