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The Satellite Station Leave Us Yearning for More with "Maybe Go Dancing"

Led by Travis Rue, The Satellite Station, explains himself and his sound as, “An optimist who writes mostly sad songs.” Blending influences from Folk, Rock and Pop, The Satellite Station leans on emotional lyrics, incredibly catchy melodies dynamic production to carve a lane of their own. With close to 160k monthly listeners on Spotify, there is no doubt, The Satellite Station is due for a cosmic explosion.

Recent release, “Maybe Go Dancing,” takes us on a beautiful trip, with passionate piano and an incredible performance from Travis, the song builds over time with lulls and swells, creating a stunning soundscape that pulls at the heart. With touching lyrics wrapped in every line, “Maybe Go Dancing,” gives us full access to both the good & bad in life, while taking us on a journey of perseverance.

Having covered The Satellite Station several times over the years, we always get excited thinking about what’s up next. No doubt Travis Rue and The Satellite Station have a lot more noise to make and a whole lot more in the stash. We will be patiently waiting.

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