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The Satellite Station Release Emotional New Hit “Only Human”

Being human is hard. And that’s exactly what The Satellite Station’s new track is all about. In “Only Human”, our human imperfections are stressed. We encounter so much pressure to be perfect and flawless when in actuality, it’s an impossible feat. The songs lyrics paired with moody melodies provide an emotional depth that easily connects with listeners right from the jump. The relatable effort may be exactly what listeners need right now as we continue to tighten our grip to gain control over a world that continues to feel uncontrollable. While heavy-hitting, Rue’s storytelling also expresses the unique joys of being human, providing a blended contrast to encompass the true feeling of being alive.

The Satellite Station is the moniker of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Travis Rue. His haunting folk-inspired melodies impress the ears of many as he takes on life’s challenges, joys and complexities through captivating songwriting that we hope to hear plenty more of.

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