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The Second After Prepares Their New EP with ‘Before I Lose’

There is some banging Pop-Punk coming out of Raleigh, North Carolina thanks to The Second After.

Preparing to release their new EP, they have just unleashed another cut in the form of, “Before I Lose”, and it has everything that makes Pop-Punk what it is.  Ripping guitars, fast fire drums and angst – so much angst.  The dynamic release is the perfect introduction to the groups sound, which is reminiscent of so many huge acts that have come before, yet they are still able to bring an originality.

Powerful and emotional vocals lead the tune layered with slick harmonies, while the production bangs beneath.  Intriguing counter melodies play along on the guitar, making sure the tune is ever evolving and keeping the listener hooked.  Throw in some quick gang vocals, a smart arrangement and some distorted call and response and you have everything you need.

This shit bangs.  Plain and simple.  Hit play and let your inner emo out.

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