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The Sounds of White Tiger Society

New York soul/reggae collaborative White Tiger Society, led by Dajla Lalia and “ComissionerGordon Williams, are Bringing the sound of Jamaica to the heart of the city with their latest release, “Why“, featuring Stephen Marley.

After one listen, their collective experience can easily be heard in every beat, syncopation, riff and melody.  While Dajla has been a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist nearly all of her life (beginning at the age of 7), the Comissioner has acquired 7 Grammys throughout his illustrious career.  Their collaborative musicality, in turns out, leans to some damn good tunes.

On, “Why“, a classic and potent Reggae vibe is delivered through an incredibly clean production, arrangement and instrumentation – only further emphasized by the addition of vocals by Stephen Marley.  Clean guitar strums, horns, bass, background vocals and percussion all come together in perfect harmony, each finding their own place in the mix.  Always adding, never taking away.

On top of the already stellar mix, the added effects, compression and filters make the track that much more magical, helping to transport the listener back to where this sound first originated.  Take your top 10 favorite Reggae songs and put them into a playlist with this one  for your next backyard BBQ and I guarantee you people will be wondering why they can’t remember the name of this one.

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