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The Starships Release Incredible New Music Video “Living Water”

Dedicated to healing the world through music, independent music collective The Starships are back with dynamic synergy in their collaborative new single “Living Water”. “Living Water” combines the talents of artists Nashoba, Danny Barz, Scott Damn and SharmonJarmon as well as the production stylings of Lord Haiti. The five artists are members of Chicago’s Lizm Muzik Group who recently released their multi-genre compilation album entitled “Realizm Radio Vol. 1”. Filmed on 57 acres of black-owned and woman-owned land in Alabama, “Living Water” embodies a powerfully spiritual experience that transcends beyond lyrics and instead, into each and every element of their art.

The video starts off with rhythmic chanting amidst a silhouette of Danny Barz by an outdoor fire at night. A quick cut to Nashoba meditating by water introduces viewers to a serene atmosphere as Danny kicks things off beside an array of beautiful waterfalls. Tapped into the universe, he explores the way he flows through life; a never-ending search but an unmistakably rewarding journey. Danny’s vocals on the chorus bring us to the focal point of the song, reminding us that at our core, we truly are living water. Following the chorus, Nashoba breaks into his verse to offer us a unique lens into the prevalence of water in our everyday lives. Interspersed with dance, we are then introduced to the compelling stylings of SharmonJarmon, who springboard’s off of an organic build of catchy drum beats. Joined by two other women, Sharmon introduces an ethereal vibe to the track with her smooth vocal delivery and fluidity throughout.

In the video, each artist fully embraces their environment in acknowledgement of the multi-dimensionality that is black excellence. Filming “Living Water” on black-owned land was in celebration of black success. With this, The Starships are interested in challenging the ways that the industry portrays people of color to say that it’s beyond time we see more black scientists, doctors, astronauts and superheroes on TV, in movies and in music videos. The five artists embody a synergy that is unmatched and their new video offers a humanized look into their exploration of time, space and self-love. Similar to bands like famous vocal group The Parliament, The Starships offer a certain level of uniqueness and authenticity that you don’t discover everyday.

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