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The Swoons Release Heartfelt Single ‘Conspiracy of Silence’ [VIDEO]

Over the last couple of years, buzzing indie outfit The Swoons have been racking up plenty of streams and numerous credits thanks to their impressive production, technical arrangements and emotive lyrics.  Initially, formed as a 3 piece, the group recently welcomed fourth member, and RockDafuqOut alumni Trevor Myall as their lead vocalist – adding yet another layer to the fold.  

With members of the group originating from London, Toronto, LA and Vancouver, the genre (and border) breaking collective are now poised to make some major waves heading into 2020.  With each member bringing impressive musicality, years of experience and their own special sauce into the equation, The Swoons have recently relaunched with new single, “Conspiracy of Silence”, and it is an absolute beaut.  

With the production blending both electronic and acoustic elements, layers of vocals bringing big choir vibes and introspective lyrics that encourage listeners to take up arms and fight for what’s right, The Swoons deliver a dynamic, heartfelt and inspirational jam.  “Through chilling call-to-action, ‘Conspiracy of Silence’ encourages humanity to stay truthful, honest, and vocal politically and candidly.

Closing out the year on a high note with their first single as a 4-piece, I have no doubt The Swoons have a whole lot in the can and are more than ready to hit the ground running in the new year.  If today you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, overworked, exhausted and unsure of your place in the world, make sure you play this one loud. 

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