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The Weadon Boys Reveal Debut EP ‘Life Is War’ [VIDEO]

Hailing from LA, Tim Corcoran and Mark Obitz have been putting up some solid numbers as The Weadon Boys, leading up to the release of their debut EP, “Life Is War“.  Having released several singles over the last year, the buzzing Rock group are now ready to share their EP with the world and spread their vibes worldwide.

Not too heavy and not too Alternative, The Weadon Boys find a perfect balance between driving guitar rhythms and Pop friendly melodies.  To help push the release of the EP they have also released an official video for focus track, “City of Angels“, which features a playful video shot in the streets of Hollywood, undoubtedly showing love to the city they call home.

Make sure you keep scrolling and check out the EP in its entirety below!

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