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Theodore releases thrilling Max Cooper "Voyage" remix

Last week, the Greece-based multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Theodore shared a sublime Max Cooper remix of his track taken from his latest album The Voyage.

Theodore's music already brings epic cinematic scale -- blending Vangelis-inspired synthwave orchestration with art rock and synth pop in the vein of some of Thom Yorke's solo material -- but this epic Max cooper remix takes things up a notch. The acclaimed electronica / techno music producer veteran Max Cooper brings the club-ready production that made his 2022 album Unspoken Words a critical hit, and this remix shows that Theodore and Cooper's styles mesh perfectly. Much like that album, this remix blends tasteful refinement with a great groove, and Theodore's atmospheres soar over the mid tempo beats.

Describing the original track, Theodore says "“‘Voyage’ is the last act of the album’s journey,” says Theodore. “This is where the protagonist of the album leaves the physical world behind, a world that used to define him, as he evolves into his spiritual self. The destination, time, and space are still unknown to them. 'Voyage' is the moment of awareness; The Voyage is a journey of the mind.”

Back in 2019, Theodore performed in more than 40 headline gigs during his tour across Europe and the US, with the final show of the tour coinciding with an exclusive performance on Bob Boilen’s world-renowned NPR Music Tiny Desk. Theodore’s latest LP, The Voyage, is out now via United We Fly, and is a breathtaking, synth-heavy meditation on awakening that immerses the listener in a cinematic soundscape.

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