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There is Nothing “neutral.” About Our Feelings On This Remix

Craving some future bass? Neutral., has you covered. The Illinois native has returned with a remix of BonFire Records’ fastest growing act, hs. (or Honor Scouts). Neutral.’s take on  “Morning Light,”  follows a classic approach to his sound. Floor shaking synths couple with cinematic drums to create an emotionally charged, and sonically poignant remix. Alex’s (a former metal front man) vocals shred through the cliff of synthesized bass to remind everybody of the songs original purpose. Here is what Alex has to say of the original: 

The way our creative process works for Honor Scouts is one of us ( usually Justin, let’s be real ) will create a song start and plant the seed of a song in the others head to develop alongside the initial vision for the track. We obsess over and vibe on it for a couple days recording melodies and arrangement ideas on our phones so that we have as many melodic ideas as possible when we get to work. This track actually started out a little slower because we were so busy working on finishing out “Over It” that our little seed got lost in the shuffle.

After a lot of exploration and discussion we landed on something we can really draw from: struggling with personal image/ ego, insecurity in your role in a romantic partnership and standing strong against the doubt you feel during/ after a separation and how that defines who you are moving forward.

We are really proud of how this track came to fruition, and I think it’s safe to say that this piece helps showcase another shade in the hs. spectrum. We are super excited to share this ear worm to the world and most importantly build out our ethos for the scouts in the rapidly growing hs. troop!”

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