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This is Fresh, but I’ll ‘Let You Decide’ [VIDEO]

This new release from D A N A is fresh af.

What really grabs me about, “Let You Decide“, is how unexpected it is.  While there are clear influences from R&B, Pop and EDM, the way this track came together is as cool as it is refreshing.

With a polished vocal performance, D A N A, delivers top notch melodies and lush harmonies with an incredible Pop sensibility only further accentuated by the attention grabbing production.

While there may not be any mind blowing techniques going on the sound choices, slick arrangement and overall vibe are on point.  The verses are somber and heart wrenching thanks to the mellow beat and smooth vocals, but the hook takes things in a different direction – bringing an uplifting, inspirational vibe to the track.

To me, the story is played out not only by the vocals, but with the production as well.  All pieces to the puzzle coming together to bring the final picture to life.

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