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This is ‘So Damn Beautiful’

Here is a tune that I can just not get enough with.  There really isn’t too much that gets me more excited than beautiful vocal House.

UK DJ/Producer Maff Boothroyd has Just teamed up with long time collaborator Deep Matter and Aussie born vocalist Tania Doko for an absolutely stunning and grooving jam, “So Damn Beautiful”.  Inspired when he was first introduced to Tania’s powerful and soulful vocals and 90’s flavored melodies, Maff knew they had to create something together – and the outcome is perfect.

Clean, bright, pumping production perfectly compliments the vocals, creating a unique and catchy peak hour dance floor filling bomb.  Tested personally on packed dancefloors around the world by Maff Boothroyd, there is no doubt that the reaction was epic.  If you are a fan of vocal house and this one isn’t on your bins – I don’t trust your taste at all.

Here’s to hoping 2018 brings more jams like this from Maff Boothroyd

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