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This New Habstrakt is a Problem

French artist Habstrakt has been on an absolute tear as of late.  While he may have first started in the industry playing guitar and keys, his love for Electronic music quickly grew – as did his skill set, fanbase and repertoire.  Throughout the start of 2019, he has Already dropped releases including “Infinite” (his debut on Monstercat), “Control” on Tchami’s Confession, “All Night” on Tiësto’s Musical Freedom and “Darkness” on Spinnin’ Records – and he is showing no sign of letting up.

His latest release, “The One”, marks his return to Monstercat, and also serves as the single with his first official music video.  Maintaining elements that his fans have come to know and love – dirty basslines, aggressive synths and devastating drum programming – his new single also brings some major club appeal thanks to some serious groove and catchy af vocals.  About the release, Habstrakt says, “I’ve been holding onto this one for a while, worked and reworked it a thousand times, and I’m so excited to finally release it. The moment I heard these vocals from Pauline Herr, I knew something huge was going to happen!

While these days I find myself more interested in so many genres beyond Electronic, there are still some tracks that come through that set the club head inside on tilt – and this is one of those tunes.  An undeniable bomb that I am sure you will be hearing in clubs and at festivals for sometime to come.  If you are into EDM I have no doubt you are already familiar with Habstrakt – and his may just be one of his most fire releases to date – don’t let it slip through the cracks.

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