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Tibetan brothers Indiginis blend the East and the West in new single, “Only You.”

There’s something ethereally magical about Indiginis’s new futuristic track, “Only You.” After recently being signed by Majestic Casual, the Tibeten brothers who pay, “homage to their roots as they forge their own path of innovation,” beautifully combine soul and electronic whilst fusing nuances from Eastern and Western music.

This track, 2 years in the making, is certainly a builder. The delicate vocals ease us into the journey before we are hit with big lead synth chords, intricate samples and crazy pops hitting our ears from all angles. The chopped up vocals are executed with clean production to really set this track apart. The chorus provides a fine example for Indiginis to show off their love of sound design with foley soda cans, cash registers and metal chains blessing our ears with unorthodox rhythms.

After hearing Indiginis working on tracks with an array of artists including; Adventure Club, JAHKOY, Lemaitre, and Skogsrå I was seriously excited to hear these brothers break away on their own.

I too am, “finding it hard” to get this track out of my head.

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