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Tik Tok Viral Superstar, Gayle, Releases Another Pop-Rock Banger, “e-z.”

Tik tok viral superstar, Gayle, releases another pop-rock banger, “e-z,” with collaborators Blu DeTiger and UPSAHL. “e-z” is an anthemic pop-rock song that is edgy, gritty, and filled with teenage angst, making it this year’s perfect summer jam.

“e-z” captures the essence of youth: chaos, turbulence, fun, and freedom. Gayle sings with powerhouse vocals about the emptiness that comes with adolescence and searching for that in both love and friendships. All collaborators capture the “young and dumb” spirit that is acting like you know everything about life, all the while, losing sleep about the consequences that come from that mentality.

Gayle is no stranger to making smash hits, especially with her powerhouse vocals that make her a pop-punk princess. Gayle can express both emotion and communicate a story all the while adding vocal ad libs, harmonies, and heavy hitting belting sections that don't distract from the song at all. This balancing act between complex productions and clean vocals can be a power struggle for most artists, but Gayle soars above this obstacle and allows her vocal gift to shine through like the true pop-rock diva she is.

“e-z” is a classic pop song with conventional structure, but differentiates from most with its aggressive instrumentation, moody bass, heavy hitting drums, and angsty vocals. “e-z” not only communicates the confusion and emotional highs and lows that come with being young lyrically, but sonically as well. There is no coincidence that the track is complex, loud, and filled with electric guitar that mimics and reflects the rage and anxiety that comes with adolescence.

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