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Tilsen Gets Sentimental in "Like I Do"

Known for her captivating hits inspired by true love, pop artist Tilsen is back with perhaps her most sentimental hit yet "Like I Do". The vulnerable new track reveals the ugly side of her partner that only she was aware of. The blend of tropical melodies and dark pop production create a unique soundscape perfect for the summer months. Originally from Toronto, Canada, the young artist shares stories about how her ex used to pick her up from work, showered her with colorful flowers and was always there by her side. But the chivalry didn't fool her -- behind closed doors, she knew an entirely different person. Known for being powerful, optimistic and strikingly honest, Tilsen's music resonates with listeners from all over the globe as they trudge through emotional rollercoasters and difficult relationships with her music by their side. “I spend a lot of time reflecting on my life and my relationships.” she laughs, “I sort of document my thoughts and feelings in my lyrics”

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