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To Be Young & In Love: Aussie Youth

This is my first time hearing about Australian teen Pop group, Aussie Youth, and while it has been years since I myself was a teen, there is no denying their latest single, “Thick as Thieves,” is going to be grabbing the attention of their peers and industry execs alike.

Since forming in early 2015 the group has performed to sold out crowds in both Australia & LA and have spent the last year working on new material along side Grammy Award winning producer Heather Holley (Christina Aguilera) and producer/songwriter Moe Z MD (Tupac Shakur, John Mellencamp).

The 3 members, Jack Lyall, Charlie Butcher and Merrikk Steinfort came together after years of devolving their skills individually to form Aussie Youth.  As contrived as the pairing may seem, their latest single feels authentic in every way.  The lyrics are clean and fun, making the tune hyper relatable for their target demographic.  Behind the lyrics, an inspirational teen love story unfolds – effectively making sure that all of the members of the group become instant heartthrobs.

The vocals are super well produced, with the vocalists trading lines and supporting each other with perfect harmonies, helping to deliver a beautiful duet.  With Jack and Charlie carrying the tune as the groups lead vocalists, Merrikk joins them on stage as a DJ, dancer and rapper adding another layer to the fold.

The production is also incredibly polished… exactly what you would expect… but well done none the less.  No bells and whistles – just a clean mix, smart instrumentation and a classic Pop progression.

If Aussie Youth can keep this up, I’m sure they will be seeing some substantial growth over the next couple of years.

Don’t take my word for it… play it for you teen and test it yourself.  You’ll probably even get some props for being hip and putting them on to their new obsession.

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