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Tobias Dray and Running on Everything deliver a fresh sound with “Drive”

Tobias Dray is a dynamic artist/producer, originally from Paris but now based in Toronto, who has consistently been creating unique Pop sounds and often teaming up with equally interesting vocalists. Following his well received EP, DAYDREAMER, and breakout track “I Don’t Mind” with Ben Chandler, Dray has delivered another refreshing collab, this time with indie-pop duo Running on Everything. “Drive” is a colorful, low-key, pop anthem that calls towards late nights with no plans and is spontaneous in the most uplifting way possible. 

When I wrote about Tobias Dray’s “Jump” I was struck by the young producer’s knack and dedication for progressing the Pop sound. He remains as hungry and capable as he was upon my first impression, however is one step closer with “Drive”. The late night, upbeat track is infectious and easily digestible, yet remains unique in its styling and approach. With its simplistic nature in consideration, everything about “Drive” is smooth and intuitive; graceful in his characteristically smooth production style, Tobias Dray elegantly sets the vibe for the song’s success. This collaboration brings out the best of all parties involved. Running on Everything’s vocal contributions are well performed and seamlessly fill all of the cracks in “Drive”, resulting in a smooth sonic landscape. The sentiment of Dray’s latest release is upfront and relatable; wanting to escape, not knowing where you’re going, just simply trying to be in the moment. Summarily, “Drive” is well rounded and infectious, certainly signaling future success from the Pop-innovator, Tobias Dray.

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