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Toi Sways on Dru Hill Inspired ‘Tell Me’

While Toronto based Toi (Truth Over Illusion) describes her sound as Urban House, her foundation in Gospel, love of Hip Hop and appreciation for Reggae and Soca help her to develop a sound of her own that blues lines and crosses genres.

Her latest release, “Tell Me”, is a soulful, sexy, and groovin, jam that pulls influences from contemporary R&B, House and Pop with some Dancehall rhythms sprinkled on top.  Incorporating a sample from Dru Hill’s, “Tell Me”, Toi crafts something totally new and original.  Catchy top lines, bubbling basslines and playful percussion blend together into an all out seductive tune.

Hidden behind the warm vocals and smooth production there is a love story unfolding – with Toi letting her perspective lover know that there are no ends to wheat she will do for love.  All you have to do is let her know what you need and she will deliver.

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