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Tombz & Cloverdale Unleash ‘Hell Yeah’

Chicago based producer Tombz teams up with Canadian duo Cloverdale to create “Hell Yeah”, a hypnotic house track with some bounce to it. Both Tombz and Cloverdale have been grinding for years. Tombz spent time building his brand through groups like the Coffin Crew Collective and by throwing parties at Site1A, Bad Genie and Vagabond while Cloverdale has solidified their standing in EDM with support from heavy weights like Martin Garrix, Malaa, and Dr. Fresch. With different backgrounds and sounds, each group brings something interesting to the song.

Tombz’s dark yet upbeat sound works well with Cloverdale’s high energy grooves and basslines, creating an enthralling juxtaposition unheard of in house music. With brightly toned melodies and complex drums, “Hell Yeah” is sure to capture the interest of any EDM fan. For Tombz, it’s about creating an atmosphere, and with the help of Cloverdale’s unmatched energy, the three created a banger perfect for the club.​

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