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Tomi Saario Releases Acoustic Version of Debut Single ‘Just A Little’ [VIDEO]

Sometimes, when a new artist comes onto the scene, it is hard to imagine they don’t have musical abilities engraved in their genes.  Hailing from Finland, Tomi Saario has only released one single so far, but there is no doubt he is primed to make some major waves.  With his uncle being one of the most successful songwriters in Finland, Tomi Saario never gave the thought of being a musician a thought until he wrote his first song at 17.  

Having focused his early childhood on athletics, playing football (not that football) and representing his country at youth level, playing against the likes of Real Madrid, it took some soul searching for Tomi to find his real calling.  About the transition he says, “I had the realisation that I was better at music and when I finally started writing songs it was a no brainer.”  After spending a year in the military (mandatory in Finland), Tomi packed up and headed to London where he honed his skills around the city performing on any stage that would allow him to – racking up over 1000 gigs in just four years.  

Fast forward to the present and Tomi Saario is ready to hit the ground running.  With his debut single, “Just A Little”, having racked up over a half a million streams in only a few weeks, he is now back with an acoustic take on the single – and I can’t get enough.  With his delicate and intricate finger picked guitar stylings setting the tone, Tomi delivers a dynamic performance that leaves listeners feeling the love.  Most impressive his his lyricism which feels as intimate as it does universal, penning an ever-relatable tune that totally captures the beauty and excitement that comes along with new love.  

Delivered along with an official video, the acoustic version is brought to life thanks to Tomi’s affectionate performance and beautiful, minimal camera work.  While I was first introduced to the acoustic version before the original, there was no doubt I had to check out the OG.  This is beautiful tune on all fronts and one that I will be rocking for some time to come.  I will be keeping close tabs on Tomi Saario. 

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