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Torin Flips Justin Caruso’s ‘High Enough’

Growing up immersed in music, Vancouver based producer Aidan Garritty, aka Torin pulls influence from every end of the musical spectrum including Psych Rock, RnB, Folk, Metal, Hip Hop and Electronic.  As part of Vancouver’s Wildlife Division, Torin strives to bring some diversity to the Electronic scene, delivering forward thinking tunes accessible to the masses.  The talented collective finds pride in their diversity and hope to put their own touch on the scene.  About his career as a musician, Torin says, “For me, it’s all about inspiring the listener to be creative, whether that’s through dance, the creation of music, or another form of expression.

Adding to his catalog of well received tunes, Torin has recently taken to remixing Justin Caruso’s tune, “High Enough”, featuring Rose Darling.  While making sure to maintain the elements that made the original so special, Torin makes sure to kick things up a notch with his production.  Rich atmospheric layers combine with bright melodies and a heavy Hip Hop inspired drop that brings a head knocking half time feel to the tune.  The clean production accentuated by thick synth layers and rattling basses helps to totally transform the otherwise poppy tune into something with a bit more grit.

With a promise of more tunes on the horizon; I will definitely be keeping tabs on the up and coming Vancouver based artist – I suggest you do the same.

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