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Tourist Club Drop new 2020 single – ‘The Now’

Tourist Club consists of brothers Paul and J.P. Rose, out of LA. their most recent single ‘In The Now’ was written by J.P., while exploring the beauty of the Southwest region of our country. The inspiration for the track comes from sharing new beautiful experiences with someone you love, to spite old wounds and feelings that would normally have you obsessing over the past. It’s a beautifully penned love song about the power of sharing new experiences with loved ones and how important “the now” is to moving forward and enjoying those new experiences, that life has to offer. The Lyrics are soft, sweet, well written and sung smoothly & beautifully. Meanwhile, the electronic sounds of the duo’s melody whisks you away to that mental state where you know, even as this is happening, this will be an important moment. The tracks producer, Alex Koste, did an excellent job as the music and lyrics are as balanced as the story being portrayed by J.P. and Paul.

Listen to ‘The Now’, here:

This type of song helps you to look around in trying times, such as these, and really take stock in what you have. Thanks boys!

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