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Townsend Unveils Second Single ‘Overdramatic’

Hailing from Nashville, singer/songwriter/producer John Townsend has recently begun to release his music to the world under his stage name Townsend.  Having been an artist in many forms over the years, it wasn’t until recently that he decided to start releasing music as a solo artist – and we sure are glad he took the plunge. 

His second single, and latest offering, “Overdramatic”, sees the multi-talented Townsend blending acoustic and electronic elements while also blurring the lines between Pop and indie with touches of dance and R&B.  The somber love song sees him reflect on a tumultuous relationship that sees both parties jumping the gun and taking things from zero to one hundred – often losing sight of what is important and in turn causing unneeded strain on the relationship – a story so many of us can relate to.

From smooth guitar melodies to a bubbling bassline, the track transforms along with the vocals helping to create a dynamic and energetic release.  While this may only be the second single from Townsend, it seems he is without a doubt carving his own lane – and we can’t wait to hear what’s next. 

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