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townsend Wraps Up New EP with "Whiplash"

Since landing on my radar in 2019 with his single, "Overdramatic," Nashville-based singer/songwriter townsend has remained one of the most consistent artists in the game; regularly landing in our submission inbox with standout tunes that we can't help but get excited about. From his dynamic performances to his impressive lyrics and unforgettable melodies, it easy to understand why townsend's audience has continued to grow and why his solo catalog has amassed millions of streams to date. While townsend is still a relatively fresh name in the Indie/Alt-Pop world, his steady stream of releases have helped him secure a devoted and engaged fanbase, always patiently waiting for more.

Most recently, townsend has released his new 7-track EP, "recollections," and it serves as further proof that his is without a doubt an artist to watch. With a number of the projects tracks released previously as singles, "recollections," is the final packaging for an impressive stack of songs that have already proven to stand alone. Closing out the project was the final single, "whiplash," which doubles as the perfect intro for both the project and artist. On the emotive/dynamic song, a gritty production, slick arrangement and energetic performance couple with moving lyrics; developing from front to back, taking listeners on an anthemic ride of high's and low's. Throughout, townsend radiates an undeniable level of vibe and finesse with each track flowing perfectly into the next, seamlessly blending genres and creating a soothing, yet totally electric listening experience.

Forever impressed by his ability to craft memorable, accessible, high-octane tunes, we have no doubt that townsend will be in rotation in our playlists for years to come. Homegrown, organic and from the ground up, townsend is a man on a grind - not a man looking for a shortcut, clout or a handout - and the growth is undeniable. Currently sitting above 40K monthly listeners, townsend is showing no sign of letting up, already prepping his next project and we are way excited to see what is up next.

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