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Track-by-Track: LA Based Indie artist MAUMAUMAU walks us through his EP “Meow Meow Meow”

LA Indie artist MAUMAUMAU has released his debut EP Meow Meow Meow via AWAL. You can stream the EP now via Spotify and Apple Music.

The 5-song project features the recently released singles “Curveball Whip Cream” and “Famous”, as well as the previously unreleased indie ballad “Distracted (Millenial Blues) and head-turning crossover “Alright.” An earnest project, Meow Meow Meow is a sonically bold debut, genre-defying and reflective by nature, melancholic yet upbeat interpretation of overcoming the self-defeating internal dialogues we face daily.

The debut solo project by Mauricio Jimenez arrives as his 2020 debut single, “Mouth Breather,” a song about the anxieties of life during the Covid-19 pandemic, surpasses 65K Spotify streams. Last year, Mau also released “Heartbreak Police,” a timely commentary on police brutality during a year of intense turmoil in the United States.

On his debut EP, Mau shares: “MEOW MEOW MEOW was intended to be my introduction to the world as MAUMAUMAU. It is a compilation of my first songs as a solo artist, and it really represents me as a songwriter and a producer. When I finished the EP, the world got hit by the pandemic, and new songs like “Mouth Breather” just spilled out of me as things became grimmer. It felt like the wrong time to release my first project. But now, it feels more relevant than ever. It is an EP about dealing with the internal dialogues we all have when dealing with ourselves all the time. It is deep but fun and playful.”

He’s also released the video for lead single “Curveball Whip Cream” which you can watch HERE.

Find out more about the EP by reading Mau’s track by track breakdown under the album steams ahead:

Curveball Whip Cream:

This was the quickest song to come out in the whole album. Something about the topic just flowed. Talking about my dorkiness and about the randomness of life and its intricacies just wanted to come out of me apparently, hahaha.


This was a challenging song because I think it’s a topic we all somehow know too well. Fame is more common now because of social media, and well, my story is about another musician friend who made it. I didn’t want it to be a bitter song, and it’s all too easy to be bitter about something as silly as fame. You’ll have to let me know how I did.


I actually wrote this song in like 2015 with my good friend John Silos. I was recording a different song with him called 2D for my band Night Lights, and while I was in the mic booth, I was scrolling through Instagram. Literally, as I was singing, I was looking at Instagram. Dumb. So dumb. Anyway, I caught myself, and I asked him to stop recording and came out to apologize for my lack of interest in my career and how I keep distracting myself. We had a heartfelt chat and decided to stop recording 2D to write a song about missing out on life because you’re constantly distracted.

Happy: I wrote this song initially with melody and lyric first. Well, I had that chorus down. In my head, it sounded more like a COIN song or Bad Sons. Happy indie rock music that gets you hyped. But when I started production, I heard that synth, and I just followed the instinct. The song also came at a time when my ex-girlfriend and I were having micro fights, and the topic of “this is dumb, I just want you to be happy, so why are we fighting” was really present in my head. So the song became what you hear now.


This song was originally written for the end credits of an indie film. They didn’t take it, but I liked it so much that I fully produced it and wrote it for the EP. It also came right at the beginning of the pandemic and felt like encouragement to myself and others around me.

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