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Track-By-Track: Riley Whittaker Chronicles Youth On Her EP ‘Changes’

Our teenage years consist of a multitude of subsequent changes. Puberty, new school, new friends, new loves, thoughts of college and every moment of the future thereafter, it’s crazy to think now about how much weighs on our shoulders as a teenager. Young singer-songwriter Riley Whittaker is finding herself in the midst of all these moments and details her own on her EP Changes. Though her life has only just begun, she channels details of a life that’s lived, loved, and lost.

The first tune “Take Me Back” yearns for those carefree moments with a bestie that, when you look back were stupid, but in the moment felt like the best ideas in the world. The production drives the tune along and compliments the weightless feeling provided by Riley’s descriptive lyrical memories. Full of laughs and not a thought in the world, those memories remind you of what it was like to live in the moment rather than living in your head.

The next song “Billy” details a childlike love that was full of fun, but mixed with those adult realities. The frailties and fascination of young love penetrate through her mesmerizing lyrics. Love lends itself to be a tricky topic, especially when you’re young and you’re just starting to figure out what feels right. On her tune “Sad Songs,” Whittaker dives into the irony of feeling love’s sting while also searching for a new lover. The tune is an indie-pop dream with a catchy guitar riff that creates a bubbling soundscape.

“Time Machine” has a retro vibe to it and begs to go back to a time where there was no pain. Whittaker expresses an unbearable heartbreak and wants to go back to the way things were before, as she sings “I don’t ever think I can feel the way I did with you,” though her inner circle tells her to move on. “Out of My Mind” is an emotive, yet upbeat, tune that really showcases Whittaker’s vocals and lyrical capabilities. She goes into detail about her constant overthinking and feeling at a loss of her insecurities. Searching for a way out of these paralyzing thoughts and problems, the only way out that feels right is “out of [her] mind.”

The last song and title track “Changes” is a very stripped back lens into Whittaker’s thoughts and dreams. Her voice echoes like the past she lulls about and professes her hopes for the future. She laments on the notion that “change is moving too fast;” a sentiment that never fades and can be felt no matter how old you get.

Riley Whittaker is a 17 year old indie-pop singer-songwriter originally from Arizona and now currently living in Nashville. She began writing songs at the age of 12 in her hometown of Sedona, AZ. Riley has performed throughout Arizona, California and Nashville. This EP release is just the start of what Riley has to offer.

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