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TRAILS Drops Highly-Anticipated "DIAMOND MIND" EP

After teasing a number of stand-out singles, German artist TRAILS has finally unveiled his long-awaited new project, the “DIAMOND MIND” EP. Having spent the last few years fine-tuning his sound, unloading releases and racking up some impressive numbers, his latest body of work is an emboldened, genre-bending and transformative project that may in fact be his best work to date.

Kicking off the 5-track project, TRAILS delivers, “DEAD,” a moody, haunting and dynamic track that features hypnotizing vocals, gritty basslines and crunchy drums. A bit down-tempo, this one brings a slow-burning energy that perfectly sets the tone for the EP, gradually building overtime until it breaks out into an all out assault. About the single, TRAILS says, “The electronic production is contrasted with a climax rock drop; low rolling guitars are contrasted with high raw guitars, etc. etc. There’s a lot going on, but this song has been with me for like three years in the making. It accompanied me for a while. Narratively, it branched off to give multiple meanings because the person to whom it was addressed changed over time. It started out as a resentful breakup song, then turned into a song about cutting out difficult people in general and choosing to isolate for whatever reason. The extraverted resentment and frustration somehow made a U-turn, so it’s now an introspective, self-critical and ridiculing in a ‘talking to yourself’ kind of way song.

Unafraid to take risks, TRAILS seamlessly blends influences on his new project, ensuring that each track has its own original flare. Once hooked by “DEAD,” he picks things up on track two with, “SHAKE.” Driving drums, ominous keys and pounding bass perfectly complement the angsty vocals as TRAILS adds a bit of a commercial feel thanks to the earworm vocal melodies.

For track 3, TRAILS goes hard with, “WHAT YOU ARE IN THE DARK.” While the project in its entirety will surely get me ready to scrap, this tune especially makes me ready to go to battle. Coming off as some sort of war-chant, this song finds the perfect balance between chaos and serenity. Encompassing feelings of anger and desperation, there is also something about this tune that just makes you feel like in the end, you will find yourself on top - no matter what measures you may have to take to get there.

While most of the project features slick electronic elements in the production, it isn’t hard to recognize how heavily his sound is influenced by rock music. While the arrangement and rhythms remain rock-leaning for most of the project, I can’t help but be impressed by how he effortlessly fuses both genres and in the end, ultimately creating something that has mass-appeal and feels completely authentic. On track 4, “DISINTER MY HEART,” TRAILS speeds things up with fast fire percussion, distorted basslines and ripping synth leads that all come together to create an absolute rager. Potentially my favorite song on the project, it may also be his most vulnerable. When asked about this joint, he says, “I don’t know why it happened that way, all the different elements involved in the song, but I think it fits well. The song is about being sick of being emotionally cold and distant, trying to let your emotions come to the surface, and finally allowing yourself to open up and talk to someone about what you’re feeling, even if it’s not coming out in the right way or how you thought it would. It’s a really honest and vulnerable song.

Closing out the stellar new project, TRAILS hits with, “SNAKE.” With a bit of an Oliver Tree feel, this one also has an ominous vibe and vocals that will have you chanting along in no time. With heavy guitars, a slick arrangement and half time drums, this track, even as the closer of the EP, will without a doubt have you snapping your neck and head banging on your steering wheel.

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