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Tucker Nichol Releases Emotional New Hit Ahead of V-Day "Not My Business"

Changing the stigma around emotional and mental health, Nashville’s Tucker Nichol introduces a refreshingly real approach to Valentine's Day in her hard-hitting track “Not My Business”. Ready to confront toxic relationships from her past, the young R&B artists’ new track confronts false narratives within a turbulent family dynamic. In an effort to rise above and lift that weight off of her shoulders, she channels her energy into her music where fans can go to escape and potentially relate to the depth of Tucker’s story. Released ahead of her upcoming album “Too Close to Home”, “Not My Business” embodies empowerment by prioritizing boundaries and self-love. And in her case, blood proves not to be thicker than water as she sheds the negative energy from her family’s traumatic past.

The smooth R&B hit showcases Tucker’s vocals front and center as listeners navigate ethereal soundscapes and dynamic drum patterns from beginning to end. Her fresh take on the genre pays homage to R&B’s classic feel, appealing to fans of both new and old school vibes. Having been previously crowned Miss Tennessee USA in 2010, Tucker is no stranger to the spotlight. Now, as she shifts her energy from an illustrious pageant career to a grounded and ambitious effort as a beloved recording artist, we witness her truly blossom through authentic, heart-on-your-sleeve storytelling. Not afraid to tell the truth, Tucker writes through a trauma-informed lens that is sure to resonate with fans who may have experienced a similar struggle.

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