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Turn it Up & Get Louder with Styline & NXNY

Every year hordes of music makers, lovers and supporters descend on Amsterdam for what is arguably the biggest conference in the dance music world, ADE.  With the worlds top DJs and producers all in the same place, often times, stellar collaborations rise from the scene post conference.  Such is the case with this next joint.

After linking up at ADE, German artist Styline and NYC based NXNY got together to create some heat.  In an effort to blend their sounds and make a connection across a vast ocean, “Turn It Up”, was born.  The driving track is a dance floor filler for sure.

With huge builds, Progressive undertones and we’ll placed vocal samples laying the foundation, monstrous Tribal vibes invade the track.  Swinging percussion peppers the track while rhythmic synths turn the energy up and pounding kicks rock the suns.

With a clean mix, great dynamics and an undeniable energy, this collaboration has come together to absolutely display both artists styles in perfect form.  This one can work peak hours or early into the mornings.  Turn it up.

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