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Twas the Season: The Great Escape [VIDEO]

Welp. Guess I missed the boat on this one.

I was hoping to get this on up over the holidays, but due to some personal circumstances (and the fact I am the only writer here), I’m only getting to it now. With that being said, this is still a jam and I will always support when I say will (even if a little late).

The good thing here, is that this tune is still benefiting a great cause. As someone who is not a huge fan of holiday music, I always dread finding such submissions in my inbox – sometimes I am pleasantly surprised. Acclaimed Venice Beach Indie Pop outfit The Great Escape released, “Season of Love”, in early December and as long as the snow in New York is still falling, I will still be rocking it.

Most impressive about this tune is how well executed it is. Everything about it screams instant classic holiday jam. From the instrumentation to the distorted and vintage sounding vocals, giant hook and jazzy embellishments – I hate that I love it.

As if that wasn’t enough, they decided to make it even more emotional by connecting it to a charity. In the end that is what the holidays are all about.

About the release they explain, “We wrote a HOLIDAY SONG about how wonderful the season can be: the hugs, the laughter, the food, the family – the LOVE! ?? But not everyone is fortunate enough to experience the cold season this way – we want to help people in need in our hometown Venice Beach. Help us by downloading the song to make a DONATION.

Giving a bit more insight into their holiday wish’s, the group continues, “Let’s turn this holiday into a “Season Of Love” by raising money for St. Joseph Center. They’re an awesome non-profit that provides hot meals, housing, vocational training, and much more to the homeless & working poor in our hometown of Venice Beach, CA.

Make sure you check out the tune before the next major holiday so I don’t feel so bad about taking so long.

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