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Two Feet Teases New Album With Final Single of 2021 “Until I Come Home (feat. grandson)”

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

I fucking hate when I am late to the party. Everyday I am completely astonished how someone like myself who runs a music blog, is on a never-ending quest to discover new artists and listens to literally thousands of artists each year can still miss out on utter genius and undeniable talent from artists around the world. This bittersweet realization is often easy to overlook, but from time to time an artist like Two Feet lands in my inbox and pisses me the fuck off. How can you be this good and yet you haven’t landed on my radar until now? Fuck you and your beautiful music Two Feet (jk ily).

Ever since his new single, “Until I Come Home“, landed in my inbox I have been a stan. His latest release not only serves as his final offering of the year, but also as the first taste of what we can expect from his forthcoming full-length album, “Max Maco Is Dead Right?“. Having grown his fanbase and curated his sounds by going against the grain and challenging everything we seem to know about Pop music, Two Feet continues to turn heads and rack up streams by being unapologetically himself. Unafraid to blur the lines, he blends influences from across the musical spectrum creating tunes that seemingly come straight from his soul, unbothered by structure, trends and the mainstream.

For, “Until I Come Home“, Two Feet brings likeminded, buzz-worthy artist grandson into the fold to create a moody and haunting track that takes hold right from the top and never lets go. Speaking on how grandson ended up blessing this track, Two Feet says, “I finished the demo to “Until I Come Home” but felt like something was missing. Grandson came over one day and asked to hear some unfinished music. I played him a couple songs but he loved “Until I Come Home” the most and jumped on the second verse.” With a beautifully crafted production consisting of simplistic keys, ripping guitar riffs, driving basslines and hard-hitting drums there is plenty of space for the vocals float on top, stealing the show with just the right amount of emo twang and relatable lyrical content. About how the collab came about, grandson says, “I first became a fan of Bill’s [Two Feet] creative vision when I would sneak side stage to watch him perform when we were booked at the same festivals. When I came over to finally make a song together he played me dozens of ideas, each one more exciting than the last. I’m grateful to have co-written a page in the great book of Two Feet.”

With both artists complimenting each other perfectly, their new single is perfectly executed with a place for everything and everything in its place. Simple enough to feel effortless yet dynamic enough to make it stand out in a swelling sea of Pop songs, “Until I Come Home“, is more than enough to get a music lover like myself excited to hear the rest of this album. Having just wrapped up another tour of North America, Two Feet is now prepping to head overseas for the next leg of the tour with a number of dates lined up through March and April where I am sure he will be giving fans a sneak peek of the upcoming album which is set to hit in early 2022.

Do yourself a favor and tap into Two Feet. Even if you are late to this party – it is for sure a party you don’t want to miss. I will be keeping close tabs and patiently waiting to hear more from the new album.

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