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Two Neighbors Bring a Vibe on Latest Single ‘Back Then’ [VIDEO’

Two Neighbors are back once again with their latest Dark Pop jam, “Back Then“, on Cloudkid.  Bringing their signature blend of groove and attitude, the new single is an absolute bop that relies on deep basslines, funky guitar rhythms and stunning vocals to create an energetic release, supported by a playful performance style video that helps to perfectly show off the groups dynamics.

From the production to the the vocals and mix down, everything on Two Neighbors latest tune fires on all cylinders.  About the release the say, “This song is about the disappointment I feel with modern romance. Gestures like carving a heart in a tree or sending love letters are replaced by hookups with strangers, online dating, friends with benefits and an overall lack of chivalry and tradition.  The verses discuss how people don’t fantasize anymore about slow dancing, kissing in the rain or marriage. While The chorus suggests that underneath our cynical mental shields we still have this timeless feeling inside that love can happen like it happened back then, full of youthful innocence and energy and wonder.

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