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TyC Delivers Acoustic Version of Recent Single ‘Tongue Tide’ [VIDEO]

I just can’t say enough about TyC.  Making regular appearances on site, he has been on a roll with a string of releases that cross genres and bring the kind of emotion that artists can only hope to portray.

It wasn’t so long ago that we shared his collaboration with Jordan Humphrey, “Tongue Tide”, which has been a staple in my sexy stuff playlist ever since.  Slowing things down, TyC has reimagined the song as an acoustic jam delivered along with a beautifully simplistic official video.

The darkly lit, emotionally captivating video sees Jordan performing the lyrics while TyC slays on the acoustic guitar.  Just when I thought I couldn’t get enough of this tune – he hit me with this version and I just can’t decide which I love more.  Jordan has all of the room he needs to really shine here and it sure helps the lyrics hit that much deeper.

Another beautiful release from TyC.  Keep an eye on this guy.

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